Wednesday, January 25, 2012

People Practice

I need more practice with people. But it's a hard thing to approach folks and ask them to pose, most people are self-conscious about the way they look, and I'm not good enough to hire professional models because I don't have enough experience and you see where this is going.

Cue friends. A love my friends, they put up with so much from me. Case in point a friend who was kind enough to work with me and my experimenting.

This image is straight from the camera. No adjustments whatsoever. Normally I don't post setups (because frankly, who cares?) but I thought I'd do it this time, in case anyone is interested.

Nikon D1x. 50mm lens, ISO 125, f/4.5. Spot Metering with +1/3 exposure comp. 45degree (from subject) flash lamp at 1/2 power on right with 180degree hot lamp at 1/32 power on left.

Enjoy, more to come from this session (thanks L for doing this)

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