Friday, September 19, 2008


My camera has been lying to me. Well, not my camera exactly, but my light meter. This is an image from my vintage Yashica-D of course (of course!) and being that it's a totally manual camera, no light meter is included. I thought it would be odd to buy a modern light meter to use with a camera built in the 60s/70s, so I found one from around the same time frame. Call it the purist (or idiot, I think they rhyme) in me.
In any event, using the light meter outside it worked fine, but when I started to use it indoors, the meter was *way* off (like 4 stops off kind of off.) I thought something was funny about the readings it would give me, but I'm not a pro, so I was trusting in my equipment, not my instincts. Turns out, of couse, the pics were horribly underexposed. It's a credit to the camera (and film, Kodak TMax 100) that it was able to capture as much as it did, giving the incorrect readings.
Needless to say (well I'm saying it anyway) this photo is heavily processed, but I think it came out rather well, given the circumstances. In addition, lesson learned, buy the right equipment for the job.