Tuesday, March 23, 2010


There was a Tank Museum on my journey that I was looking forward to exploring. Sadly, no flash photography nor tripods were allowed (like flash could even remotely harm one of these beasts) making photography difficult at best. I talked the owner into letting me use a tripod, but so many barriers existed between me and each tank that I simply couldn't get close enough to make for interesting shots. This is as good as I could get.


A little bit of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. The basic theory is to take multiple shots of the same subject, each time changing the exposure value by several stops. Then by using software, combine all three images and get a much wider tonal range than possible with one shot.
That's the theory anyway, sometimes it works (as here) other times the results are horrendous, just Google "HDR" for images of the abuse of this concept.


The area I live in was blessed with some early warmth, and having been cooped up this winter, I was itching to travel.
One of the places I went was a dying town, where I snapped this image. Slight modification to the original image, I adjusted the colour to more closely match that of Fuji's fantastic film, the Velvia 50.
My cast comes off none too soon so I can do something more than static images.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Still have my hand in a cast, but I had a chance to take advantage of the warming weather to visit the local cemetery and continue with my cataloguing of angels.
Despite my attention to placement in the viewfinder of my F4s, several of the angel shots were cropped on their head. I suspect the 1-hour place of rushing things, but it's possible I'm to blame as well, shooting with a heavy camera, effectively one-handed, is difficult.
All the same, this is one of my favourite images that did come out, a real sense of the depth of field here.
I had only planned on a few shots, but ate up an entire roll and still found more.