Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dangerous Duo

I believe I've mentioned it before, but I am terrible with remembering names. These two gave me kind introductions, and honoured me with some pictures, but I cannot recall their names.
So, brave and kind knights, please forgive my lapse of memory.

Squid Warrior

One of my favourite knights from the weekend, but then again I'm partial to purple and cephalopods. I didn't get a chance to ask what flag he was fighting for, but my guess is the House of R'lyeh.

Angel or Enchantress

She said the grey streak was all natural, and who am I to argue? She had me under her spell (and was kind enough to pose for the last shot on my memory card.)
Once again that lovely 50mm lens.


I could make a joke about this being the Grim Rapier, but that would be in poor taste.
Still, I'd think twice before challenging his (it's?) honour.
Converted from colour to sepia tone for greater imapct, otherwise left alone.

Even Monty Python Made It

If you get the title of this post, then you'll know it fits the picture.
And even though the weapons are not edged, they pull no punches (as near as I could tell) and that armour comes in handy.
Unlike my normal work, most of the action images are cropped, as I could only get but so close to the action without endangering myself.
Oh what I wouldn't give for an 85mm f/1.4 lens!

Raptyr Red

In addition to the hulking knights sparring on the field of honour, there was another field for the duelists, this lass being chief amongst them. Decked in full period regalia, she was kind enough to take a moment out of her fencing, to allow a simple scribe (that'd be me) to record her visage for posterity.
Once again, I bow to the lady fair for her generousity.

A True Knight

Sadly, I do not remember this knight's name, but of all the helpful people at the faire (and there were many) he stood out as embodying all the traits a true knight should have.
He was friendly, knowledgeable, passionate, truthful and genuinely concerned for our well being.
If he should happen to read this journal, I bow to him and look forward to seeing him again.


This fine young lass was engaged in a bit of game playing with her man. It seemed as is she was losing, so I instructed the gentleman that the proper rules of etiquette dictated that he lose, but not to make it obvious. I'd like to think it helped him that evening with her affections.

All Smiles

Everyone had smiles, despite the heat of the day. There were fair maidens (pictured here), fierce warriors, fine noblemen, grand queens and many happy tots.
As you can see, even the wee ones were in period piece. We got many compliments on our simple, but reasonably accurate, garb

New Friends

So my wonderful girlfriend finds an ad in a local paper for a Renaissance re-enactor's guild and brought it to my attention. Should be neat, I thought, and we went. As it turned out, they were having a big event this (past) Memorial Day and invited us out to it.
Gotta be dressed in period wear however, so at the very last minute she whips us some great gear and we go as local scribes.
Everyone there were super friendly and informative and we took hundreds of pictures. I'm still sorting through them, but here are some of my favourites.
All shot with my 50mm f/1.8 on my Nikon D1x. Not strictly period I know, but I'd left my Camera Obscura at home that day.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Noodle Boy

This is the reason the 50mm f/1.8 is called the "Nifty Fifty", you can get such amazing shots with it, and it's a very fast lens.
Taken at the same park where the band just a few posts down, was taken. Normally this little guy pulls a Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes fame) in front of a camera, but today he co-operated.

I Did Mention Rain

A cross section of some of the better-kept parts of my city. Honestly, this city is old, run-down, broke and dirty. I've seen better paved roads in war zones. The city is a perfectly usable river running right through it and does nothing with it except for a few ill kept parks. And they wonder why they are broke all the time.
No matter, you can see the storm clouds heading in here. Taken with a 50mm dedicated Macro, as I'd left my 17-35mm at home (I was on my way to a people shoot and didn't need a landscape lens)

Everybody Dance Now!

Had an opportunity to see the band Bio Ritmo at a park across the way from where I live. Latin-infused jazz, or maybe Caribbean, I'm not sure. My tastes in music are *very* narrow from studio work, but I love seeing any band play live (probably channeling my inner failed musician.)
The band encouraged people to dance and I caught this couple doing their swing.
Taken on an overcast day (weather forecast calls for chances of rain all week) with my 50mm wide open, on my Nikon D1x.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

Went to a bull rodeo the other weekend, they started too late at night for any good action shots by me, but I did catch this cowgirl's boots standing next to me.
50mm manual len on my D1x

Ready for Battle

Found, in the newsaper of all strange places, a weekly meeting for the SCA, or Society for Creative Anachronism, where members dress up like knights and do battle.
They have a huge event next weekend I'm going to, but for now here is one ready to joust.
Yes, they wear real metal armour and use real (if blunted) weapons


Bottles of oil, taken from a local farmer's market. 50mm dedicated macro lens.

Leader of the Band

The head of the band, caught in a moment of concentration. I listened to him instruct the other members of the band on what they were going to practice and I am impressed, he is an excellent teacher.
All the drummer pictures are taken with a 50mm manual focus lens on my Nikon D1x.

Little Drummer Boy

We have a community band of Kodo drummers that kindly invited me to their practice. The background where they played was quite cluttered, so the images are cropped.
I look forward to going back and seeing them play outside where they will really shine.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012



You can never have enough

Penguins! I haven't the faintest idea what they're made of, but they're cute all the same. I was going to insert a "three penguins walk into a bar" joke here, but it seems there aren't any to be had.
So pretend I said something funny here and laugh.


Just a bit of pretty. Opals, and other stones reflect the light nicely here. I was rapidly losing the daylight, so in addition to the flash, I added about a plus 1 to the exposure compensation.
I do love shooting with the Macro lens but I've really got to get it cleaned, you can see all the dust spots on the picture.


Feathers are a natural subject to test the limits (and quality of a Macro lens. I shot these several times to get the look I wanted, again with a combination of flash and natual light, running 5 seconds for overall exposure.


One of my favourite images from tonight's practice. It's a combination of flash photography and natural fill light from a nearby window.
When shooting with a Macro lens, your depth of field narows to nothing, and it's difficult to get everything in focus, but in this instance, the important parts are, with the rest elegantly sliding into a blur.


So those that have been reading this site as of late, know I've had no inspiration and my work has reflected that. I've had the Devil's own time finding beauty in everyday things. Well a friend e.mailed me and gave me some words of encouragement, and it gave me strength, and a renewed sense of desire.
So today after work, despite the continued poor weather, I dug out my dedicated Macro lens, and some household objects, and went to town.
So this one is dedicated to you, for even in the depths of your troubles, you reached out and lent me your strength. You're the best.

Nope, still not feelin' it

Went out to a 'farmer's market' event this past weekend. Lots of neat (if overpriced) things there, some musicians and a solo banjo player. I didn't have much inspiration there, but somewhat better than my last series of shots.
I have some medium format film being developed so hopefully that will be ready soon and some with be worth posting.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Is an artist really and artist without an audience? Do I have an audience? Am I an artist with a camera, or just another talentless hack with more money than skill?
Only you can answer that one, and I hope one day soon to get my inspiration back. Anywone want to act as my muse?

Under the Boardwalk

This one has been cropped, as the original wasn't that interesting. I upped the tint from the processing, but otherwise left it as is.
I'm not a big fan of cropping images, I prefer to use the right lens to get the right look (or reach) but in this case I was travelling light and went with my 28mm landscape lens.
Nikon F3HP, 28mm Soligor f/2.8, Kodak BW400CN film.


During a lazy weekend, I kind of wasted it inside doing little, if anything, productive. Finally, around 7.30pm I decided I wanted to go out and shoot some film, as the storm clouds were gathering in full force.
Sadly, I've been in a rut lately and most of my work isn't fit for viewing, this shot is probably no exception, but here it is anyway.
From the same batch as the rest posted, adjusted slightly to make it pure Black and White, as the local one hour joint typically puts a tint to the film. 

Around Town

A little bit of filmwork from around town. 200mm lens doing an abstraction of the buildings downtown where I work. Nikon F3HP with my go to film of BW400CN.