Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Night Everlasting

The lake in the lower right was partially frozen, reflecting the dying light nicely. By this point in time the landscape was completely dark, with only the faintest light showing through the clouds. I like the contrasts.

Now, with houses

A different road, but with a great vantage point for the setting sun.


More examples of what I found as the sun was setting. Again, large file.

Dusk and Her Embrace

On the way back to where I was staying, I found a turnoff from the main road that allowed me to capture the sun as it was going down.
Despite the freezing cold weather and wind (ah the things I do for my readers) I was able to capture some beautiful sunsets.
These images are very large, and in no order whatsoever.

Different View

There were several vantage points to view the falls, this was taken from the lower vantage point.
Also, this was taken after a snowy day, so the water was less pristine in colour than usual.

Oh Sunny Day

Most of the time there the sky was overcast (it was getting ready to snow) but on occasion the sun would peak through and give me a chance for a shot full of contrast, as seen here.
The walkway was heavily set in the shade so there was a fair number of shots with low shutter speeds (tenths of a second) giving the water a fluffly look. But for one very special reader I have attempted to freeze-frame the falls.

Blackwater Falls

Also nearby was the Blackwater Falls park with some really nice waterfalls and general landscaping of the area. You can't get close to the falls (without breaking the law, or getting some permission) but the areas you could get were definitely set up with a photographer in mind.
This was a digital colour image, toned down (I took my Nikon F4s film camera along as well, those images are still being developed) for a look more suitable for the overcast day.
Caution for those on dial-up, the clickable images are BIG.


So I had a chance to get away for a bit, and landed in West Virginia for some photography, snow and waterfalls. Lots of wonderful old buildings to photograph and this barnhouse was top of the list (also happened to be nearby where I was staying, but that totally didn't enter in to the equation!)
Afternoon sun, perfect blue sky and one shot was all I needed to nail it.
Despite the frigid weather, the D1x never even hiccuped. Love that camera!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And what waterfall would be complete without...

A shrubbery!
According to a sign there, the water can rise over the rocks and again up to 10 feet over the mainland. Pretty impressive, here of course it's very low, low enough for shrubs to grow.


I read up a bit on how to shoot waterfalls before heading out there, and with such a nice day, most of the morning/early afternoon shots were less than impressive. I had to wait until the sun went behind the trees to get the really good depth and time images.

Yet Even More!

Despite the limited access to the water (danger signs posted everywhere) I managed to get the fall colours in with the waterfall.
I've been to more breathtaking waterfalls (Niagara Falls) but none closer. I enjoyed it fully.


I had a polarizer I added to my lens for this shot. I wanted to bring out the clouds against the blue sky. It darkened the rocks a little more than I would have liked, but it's a fair tradeoff.
Great Falls again, looking downstream.

Great Falls

Went out to Great Falls recently for a photoshoot. The weather was perfect for a fall day and the water was moving fast. Perfect for those moving water shots.
The place is very crowded and not really built to be human accessible beyond the expected areas, but we photographers manage ;-)