Friday, October 21, 2016

Playing in the Mud

I'm trying to get into more action photography, with the ultimate goal of shooting an NFL game, but that's some ways off. Currently I'm shooting cars, and had the opportunity to shoot a monster truck mud jam. 
The event was great fun and I met a ton of wonderful friendly people, both on and off the track. Here is a quick sample of some of the trucks there. 
I didn't use my best lens, as I figured the mud would come flying in my direction and as you can see, it did, in great heaping piles of it.
 I loved every second of being out there and yes, I arrived home to my wonderful family covered in must and dust. I look forward to doing it again.
I shot in shutter priority, ensuring the shutter speed never dropped below 1/1000 of a second, to catch the action. I used a second hand 55-200mm Nikon kit lens (not a bad lens for daylight, way waaay too slow for anything else) and my Nikon D7000