Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Evocation VI

A dramatic sky can take an ordinary image and turn it into a memorable one.
I'm not saying this is a memorable image, but the sky completes it I think.

Evocation V

Playing hopscotch on the rocks allowed me to get fairly far out in the river. I found a good flat(ish) rock to set my camera down and do a short timelapse shot of the riverflow.
Adjusted for clarity and colour.

Evocation IV

The Depth of Field isn't what I wanted it to be for this shot, but I'd stupidly left my tripod at home and with the light fading, handholding the camera became something of a challenge.
Nonetheless, I am pleased with the final result. Very little was done to the image, it's pretty much as I found it.

Evocation III

Same bridge, different angle and adjusted differently as the clouds were sporadic and the light was much stronger for this scene. Lots of ducks added to the overall tone I was aiming for.

Evocation II

This image is not from the Pony Pasture, though it was taken on the same day. This is a bridge that I go over on the way to the Pasture. The sun was fading from view as the clouds rolled in, but enough was left to make for an interesting scene.

Evocation I

The following set of images were taken on the spur of the moment one cloudy afternoon. It had started off warm(ish) and went downhill from there. The river and rocks are from a place called Pony Pasture, though there are no ponies anywhere. Go figure.
Most of the time the place is packed with people, thus cluttering the shot. This time around, being in the evening, and much cooler, I was lucky enough to to have anyone around.
Each image has been adjusted (from slightly, to heavily) to fit a mood I was trying to convey. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yeah yeah, been late with pics. I've been in evening classes recently and that's been my main concentration. In addition, Summer is over, and so is my desire to go outside (I dislike any weather below 80 degrees) but this image captured my desire to stand outside for more than five minutes.
On a bridge heading to work, in the morning. Straight from the camera, the Fuji, with a 17mm lens.
On a side note, I endeavour to keep this site family friendly, refraining from even mild cursing. Much to my amusement, when I attempted to pull this site up from the University's network, access had been banned and the reason listed? The journal is listed as pornographic.
Heh, it's a strange world out there.