Sunday, July 31, 2011


For those of you who have seen the British (aka the only, or the Original) Top Gear, you know where the title of this post comes from.

If you haven't, here's a link to it:

It was sitting next to the Audi, a Bentley and a Lamborghini (which has too many people around to photograph cleanly)

Ghosts in the Machine

Another excellent shot from the Falls area, this time with my back against the falls, protecting the lens from heavy spray (more or less)

Also going up on my wall.

Street Photography

I'm not sure how street photographers get candid shots. Everytime I try, whether it is with my huge D1x or my tiny (by comparison) Yashica 124g, people notice and either run and hide or ham it up for the camera. Neither result is what I want.

This was as close as I've been able to come for candid work. It's ok, but nothing special. I'm more pleased for the lack of keystoning in the buildings in the background.


I really like how this turned out. I'm going to hang it in my new office. Right at the base of the Niagara Falls, we were getting hammered by the spray, and yet I knew my Yashica 124G would be ok (the advantages of an all manual camera, no electrics to fry) so I took several images from this vantage point.

Lightly touched up in PhotoShop to reflect what I saw in reality and in my head that day.

More Medium Format

This is one of the pictures I was waiting for from the many rolls I took. The film had expired in the 80s, yet there was little (if any) effects from age. It must have been stored properly. Kind of unfortunate as I was looking forward to unpredictable effects, but at the same time I'm glad it worked well for some of the shots.

Like this Audi for example. Lightly massaged in PhotoShop.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Circle of Dust

This little fellow simply blew me away with his grace and beauty. He's the closest argument for the existence of God that I've ever seen.

'O wretched man

so failure prone

who will deliver me?

I once was lost,

but now I'm found.

Blind, but now I see'

Praying to the Sun

Ysterday I was walking to my car to go get some supplies and this little fellow was sunning himself on the hood of my car. I ran back into my place, grabbed my camera and my macro lens, and ran back out.

I did a quick check to make sure the settings were right, and started taking pics. To the mantis' credit, he followed me only with his eyes, not moving or being scared off.

After I was done taking pics, I gently scooped him up and placed him on a nearby tree. He was gone by the time I got back from my supply run.

Creepy Crawly

I swear this guy looks like something that belongs under a rock. Maybe in the game it even does, cool paint job though.

Cracker Jacks

This guy looks like he belongs in a box of Cracker Jacks. Threw a little Rembrandt lighting on him and he's presented here for your approval.

Or you can collect the whole set.

Bagpipes from Heck

I'm trying to keep this journal family friendly, but this does look like bagpipes from the underworld.

I actually have no idea what it's supposed to be, but it turned out well.

Ghandi II

"Gimme a steak, medium rare"

Those of you who have seen "UHF" know where this comes from, and why I entited this post "Ghandi II"

The rest of you will just have to wonder if I've lost my mind.

(Hint: Those two are not mutually exclusive)

They call me Mr. Pink


"No! It's Chaos Purple dangit!"

"Well it looks pink to me..."


Actually, it was pink the guy used to paint this, his whole Chaos Army is in this colour. Looks a tad...funny to me, but who am I to argue?

Warhammer 40k

Lovely little creature, beautiful colouring. Comes from a game called Warrhammer 40k. Neat tabletop game but the prices are too rich for me.

Part of the series of Little People

Friday, July 22, 2011

Little People!

I was invited to a party where they had miniatures on display for an upcoming painting competition. I didn't have my full gear with me so I used local lighting and the off white (very off-white) wall behind them.

Not perfect, but the main focus came out well. Shot using my dedicated Macro lens and the D1x.

My friend calls miniatures Little People, hence the title of this post.


I like purple


If you've never been to Niagara Falls, there is a walkway going along the river area that gets pretty heavily sprayed by the Falls.

The mist is very fine and eventually you are totally drenched as you walk from the main bridge to America to the actual waterfalls area.

The Yashica wouldn't be harmed (no electronics) but I was curious how the spray on the lens would affect the pictures being taken.

Turns out, not so much, but in this false-coloured image you can see the spray pattern.


When going nuts in PhotoShop, I wanted to ensure that each picture was different, and hopefully fit the style of the picture. Not always easy when starting with a Black and White image, but I think I successded on most of them.

Part 4!

I like how this one turned out, almost like it was supposed to look like this. The water is blue, the sun just rising over the land and up into the stormy skies.

Never pass the 'is that real?' test of course, but better looking than the stock B/W one.

BTW, if anyone wishes to see the stock images posted here, let me know and I can upload them for you.

So, Part 3

PhotoShop, like LightRoom (and others whose names escape me at the moment) are great tools, but in my mind ones too easily overused to cover up bad photography. I have met more than my fair share of people who claim not to be great photographers, but great photoshoppers. Sure their work looks wild, but underneath it all, is there a good image to begin with?

But it is amazing just how much you can do with PhotoShop (and in this case, LightRoom as well) with you pull out all the stops.

Fun With Medium Format Part 2

The 120 film Yashica TLRs will take a maximum of 12 shots per roll. So unlike my dSLR, I have to be much more picky about when I fire the shutter. Plus the thing is totally manual, no light meter (well, the 124G does have one, but it's powered by an unavailable mercury button cell), so computer electronics, nothing of that sort, so you really have to know what you are doing because the film isn't forgiving.

But it's fun to carry around a light meter and box camera, and take your time composing and setting up all the requirements. Plus it's a great conversation starter.

Fun With Medium Format

I love shooting with Medium Format cameras, and especially Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) box cameras from the Japanese company Yashica. There is something about shooting with technology made in the 60s that appeals to me.

The best Yashica TLR ever made is the Yashica-Mat 124g and I've never been able to buy one. They've always been (even bad examples) several hundred dollars. Mint condition ones go for $800 and up. But to my surprise a local one popped up for sale for the whopping price of $50. Naturally I had to snap it up. It even came with 12 roles of 120 film that had expired in the 80s. Score! (I love shooting with expired film, the effects are unpredictable)

So naturally I had to take it to Canada with me and go nuts. I got one roll back so far, shot with new film, and while the lens is very sharp (which is what I was hoping) the shots are less than interesting. So I went nuts in PhotoShop to spice them up a bit. The following series you will see are the results. Let me know what you think.


I went with a friend to do some shooting downtown and had initially brought my newly acquired Yashica 44, loaded with film that had expired in 1963. This picture isn't from that, I'm still waiting on development of the 127 film. This is from my Nikon D1x.

Just some pigeons playing in a water fountain. I liked the look of them fluffed up like they are.

Obligatory Fireworks

Every celebration has to have fireworks correct? Well here is one from Canada Day. Shot through the hotel room window, but with it being night I don't think the tinting of the windows had too much effect. This shot wasn't on the tripod, but rather braced. SHould have used the tripod, oh well, live and learn.

Ok, so I've been away for a bit

Many things have occured since I last posted, I got a new job, went on vacation, all that jazz. I went back to Niagara Falls area for Canada Day, hoping to get some good pics of the area. The windows int he hotel room wouldn't open, so I tried to shoot through them for a dawn shot. This is the result. I'm not sure how I feel about it, the tinting was really captured by the camera, even though it wasn't that obvious to my eyes.

Anyway, a ton of things to upload and post here, enjoy!