Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Different View

Same place, viewed via infrared. Infrared isn't for every shot, but the way the trees form a canopy over the road, and the path stands out, gives this image an otherworldly appearence that I love.


I have always been fond of lightstreams, beautiful (and easy) to see with the naked eye, somewhat more difficult to capture on film. Got lucky here I think, on a gravel path.


On the way back from a weekend drive, a passed by a small field with a lone chimney being overtaken by Nature. I shot the image in infrared as the cloud formations in the background were especially pleasing.

Car Show

I was invited to a muscle car show a little while back. Most of the cars there, although interesting from a historical standpoint, were packed too close together to get a good image of any one car. This image was the best of the lot, and that's not saying much. It's an infrared shot of dual 4 barrel Holley carbs.

Monday, July 14, 2008


False colour imagery. I am especially pleased at how the clouds turn out when adding colour to an IR image.


Not to forget my trusty Yashicas, I took the D out on a sunny day and captured this slow moving river. The instant image wasn't as pleasing as I had hoped, so I reshot it as a time lapse, which I have posted here. The trees are fuzzy from the wind and the long (in camera times) exposure, but the river has a pleasing effect.


This is a true IR image. The Hoya filter renders everything in shades of red, but once converted to greyscale, the infrared comes through. A beautiful world is revealed in an otherwise ordinary image.
From my reading, I am given to understand that not only landscapes, but people as well, have a hidden reflection, and I look forward to finding it out.


It's not an alien world, but rather the local park captured in Infrared. The colour is false, but it is based on the heat signatures. The brighter it is, the hotter it is.
Tree leaves appear white, as do clouds, from reflecting all that heat. Even in the "true IR" black and white imaging, I love this area of exploration.
Expect to see more soon.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Nighttime trickery, simulating an "action" shot. Zooming the lens while taking the shot.


Little Macro work after the rain.


Straight from the camera with the IR filter. No other modifications. Interesting look.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I know the picture has terrible composition, it is an experiment in digital infrared photography. Bascially, the camera is recording the heat given off the subject, making for an ethereal landscape.
I will be doing more, and hopefully getting better at it, so look for better pictures soon.