Sunday, August 24, 2008


Another local kind enough to consent to be photographed. Though I am lacking in a professional lighting rig (anyone got a spare one?) I am pleased at the flexibility of the standard power compact house lamps I am using.
Digital, converted.


Normally, I do not adjust the placement of things I find in the world. In this case, I found this rather interesting twig on the ground, and placed in on a rock.
The resulting image is much better than if I had left it on the ground.
Digital, converted to black and white


Nothing earthshattering, I just liked the way the morning light fell across the leaves.
Sometimes simple is the best.


Ever have one of those days where absolutely everything that could possibly have gone wrong, did? Yeah me either, but friday was close. I did manage to salvage the day with this nice picture of a quaint church.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


An ultralight of a different sort. The field where the event was being held was chock full of dragonflies and other large insects.
This little fellow was perched on an antenna and more than willing to hold steady for some great shots.


And lest you thnk my world is populated by dark colours and shades of grey, here is a Macro shot for you. It's a detail of one of the wings on an ultralight.


I was honoured to be invited to an experimental and ultralight airplane event recently.

The owners were fantastic people, very friendly and relaxed. I had just purchased new batteries for my dSLR, so I got a chance to wear them out.
This is one of my favourite images from the event, an ultralight flying overhead into an on-coming storm front.


A local woman who consented to be photographed. I would like to practice my portrait skills (sorely lacking) but many people, are shy in front of the lens.
It is understandable. Nonetheless, any volunteers should stand up and say something!


You may recognize this area, I have photographed it heavily in Infrared, and here is Black and White. As the water level lowers, due to a dry summer, more and more rocks are exposed, of differing sizes. This makes for an interesting look, and I hope to be able to get out to the center of the river, without having to wade (or get my gear soaked!) though the water.
If I can get out there, it should offer some new and interesting vantage points.


Sky. In my neighborhood. The fronds are delicate and I think the lighting was just right to show off their features.


As mentioned before, I set the dSLR aside in favour of picking up my Yashica-D. Here are some of the results. Near me is a large cemetery, and this headstone stood out. The day was sunny, the skies co-operative and the lighting right. The developer, however, let me down, the images were noisy, dirty and streaked. I've cleaned them up as best as I can, but I was most displeased, especially given the price charged for medium format development.
In any case, the camera was opened wide up (f/3.5 for those who care) to blur the backgound.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My dSLR has been eating batteries of late, probably due to the long exposure times required for infrared photography, but given the price of the batteries, I've put down the dSLR and picked up my Yashica D again.
While I don't have the images just yet, I shot four rolls of film throughout the city, and hopefully will have one or two good images for your viewing pleasure.
Stay tuned!