Sunday, October 31, 2010


This zombie reminds me of the replicant Pris from the movie 'Blade Runner' an interesting, if ultimately uneven, film.
There were a number of zombies with multi-coloured hair that I suspect weren't dye jobs for the walk, but worn daily. More power to them :)

Stalking the Sky

Most zombies go after brains, though that particular legend came only after the comedy zombie film "Return of the Living Dead." In Romero's films, zombies went after anything that was breathing and ate all parts.
The zombie pictured here, for example, seemed to be after the sky. More maybe the sun.
Or perhaps she was just happy to see the sun again after many years of being underground.

Happy Halloween!

The dead have risen and are running for Congress! Just kidding, the dead are already running this country. The local trendy shopping area hosted a Zombie Walk the other day and I was fortunate enough to get some great shots.
Makeup ranged from full-blown facial props to simple whiteface and red lips, but they were all great and got into their roles.
A nice sunny day helped too. So enjoy the living dead, from the safety of your own home!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Saying hello!

Looking at the stats for this journal, I see I've had hits from all around the world, so I feel I should say "Hello!" to all my visitors, and offer you a Fall shot from my neighborhood (well, more or less my neighborhood)
Played with a polarizer on my 50mm lens and toned down the greens (they were a tad too much IMO) otherwise as you see it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun with logos

So I thought it would be fun to shoot people through a large sign, but as I lined up for the shot, I realized the background behind the people was far too busy and distracting, so I played around with various angles until I found one that was most pleasing (to me anyway)

So what do you call them?

From a gaggle of Russian musicians in traditional clothes.
No, wait...
From a group of...
From a mob of,
...heck, what do you call a bunch of Russians anyway?

The colours, the colours

The music festival was well planned and laid out, plenty of parking nearby for scooters and bikes.
I liked the colour contrast between the helmet and the scooter, the grass and the sky.

Scenes from a multiverse

So rather than try and capture musicians in less than stellar light, I moved about the festival to see what could catch my eye.
Photographing people and being discrete about it is difficult when you lug around a monster camera like the D1x, and throw on a 300mm lens to boot.

A music fest

Recently the city I live in had a huge music festival. Bright sunny day so naturally I left my flash gear at home, which of course proved to be a mistake as all the musicians were under tents, cutting the available light to nearly nothing.
Well if in doubt, get close and open up the lens. Next time I'll bring the flash.