Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun With Medium Format

I love shooting with Medium Format cameras, and especially Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) box cameras from the Japanese company Yashica. There is something about shooting with technology made in the 60s that appeals to me.

The best Yashica TLR ever made is the Yashica-Mat 124g and I've never been able to buy one. They've always been (even bad examples) several hundred dollars. Mint condition ones go for $800 and up. But to my surprise a local one popped up for sale for the whopping price of $50. Naturally I had to snap it up. It even came with 12 roles of 120 film that had expired in the 80s. Score! (I love shooting with expired film, the effects are unpredictable)

So naturally I had to take it to Canada with me and go nuts. I got one roll back so far, shot with new film, and while the lens is very sharp (which is what I was hoping) the shots are less than interesting. So I went nuts in PhotoShop to spice them up a bit. The following series you will see are the results. Let me know what you think.

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