Tuesday, October 30, 2012

With Halloween Just Around The Corner

And in keeping with the zombies I've posted below, here is a short story I wrote.
Feel free to spread it around if you like it, just give me credit (link back to here) and feel free to comment here on the story.
Like it, hate it, whatever, tell me what you thought.
And enjoy your Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! By the way. Your family is waiting for you downstairs! Hehehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Deliciously chilling! Perfect for the season...and perhaps prophetic of the coming election season in DC! ;-)

twig687 said...

This actually creeped me out, and I feel like I'm pretty jaded! I love your writing style--you always treat the reader like intelligent beings. This is brilliant, from the safety and sanctuary of Mr. Dredmore's class to the devastating and shocking ending. "Cacophony erupted, brownian motion as students went every which way..."