Monday, June 9, 2008


I have been doing quite a lot of digital SLR work as of late. With my beloved Pentax K-1000 the images are simply stunning on slide film, but on normal 35mm film...not so much, not to mention the further loss of clarity when transferring them to digital for viewing here. However, I have a number of rather expensive lenses for it, most notably a fisheye lens and two dedicated macros, which up until this weekend I was unable to get them to work on my Samsung. Though the connection mount is identical, the required information cannot be transferred to the camera from the lens, and so therefore the camera shuts down.

But with the help of the British (who knew they were still good for anything?!) I was able to overcome this limitation (in effect, there is a setting in the camera that returns it to full manual mode, beyond the basic Manual setting on the main knob) and now the lenses work! Even better, though the focusing and aperture setting must be adjusted manually, the camera does pick up the proper shutter speed setting, resulting in properly exposed images.

I have been torn between keeping the 35mm film cameras, and going digital only, or switching between the two and attempting to convert the slide images properly. My main holdback as it were, was the cost of replacing the manual lenses. Now that that issue has been resolved, all my lenses can stay with my digital SLR and I can devote my time between that and my trusty Yashicas.

So stay tuned for some photographs with a dedicated Macro lens, and a catadioptric lens which will produce some truly wild Bokeh!
Postscript: I was just kidding about the British, they have some wonderful cars and would just about be perfect if they would only fire their Lord of Darkness (Lucas Electrics to the uninformed.)

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