Friday, June 6, 2008


This is a detail of the Weber carb linkage on a race-prepped Fiat. Of al lthe images I have taken recently, this is my favourite. Knowing that virtually all Italian cars of the past were hand built by artists that devoted every waking moment to their passion, sends chills down my spine. Their desire, their lust, to create a living being encased in metal and fibreglas, that exists for only one purpose, is unparalleled in history. To drive an Italian sports car, is to know you are taming a wild soul, and in every detail, every nuance of the car, you feel this. To live, to be truly alive, one must hear the engine's siren song at redline, to hear the Webers gulp air, to feel the gears whirring in harmony, to feel the blood pumping through the chassis, it's a wonder people drive anything else at all.

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