Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Moment of Silence Please

For Kodak. Please note, the following will be a rant. No images attached, just a missive aimed at the morons in charge(?) of a once great film giant. As you may or may not know, Kodak declared bankruptcy the other day. The salient details of the of the fall of Kodak are legion on the Internet, and I won't bother going into them here.

Rather I'm going to rail at them for one reason and one reason only: BW400CN film. That film is my go-to film for my Black and White shots and I'm going to be sorely ticked if they discontinue it. Which is a possibility considering the idiots at Kodak are considering using what's left of the financial resources after the bankruptcy to focus on becoming a (and I kid you not here) printer and ink company. I will pause and let that sink in. Go ahead and re-read that if you need to. I'll wait.

Printer and Ink. Printer and flippin' Ink. Really guys? REALLY? You created photograpy as we know it, invented countless improvements to every facet of my beloved hobby, revolutionized it again with the invention of digital photography, and are throwing it all away for ink profits?!?

Good Riddance Kodak.

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