Monday, March 24, 2008


Well here is another picture. This one has been edited, using a dynamic range tonality package. Basically, you take multiple pics of the same subject, using differing f.stops, and the software integrates all the tonal ranges, resulting in deep, rich pictures. That's the theory anyway.

I'm of two minds regarding "photo-manipulation." On one hand, I think it's cheating. You are not showing what you see, but rather what you wish to see. That falls dangerously close to painting, and not photography, in my book. The whole point of photography, in my point of view, is to capture the beauty of the surroundings. If we start "adjusting" the pics, then it's not really what was there now is it?

On the other hand (besides having different fingers) it is a way to being artistic. In other words, starting with a blank canvas (the picture) and creating spark, flare, richness (the end result.)

As a result of my internal struggle between the purist in me and the artist in me, I'm making adjustments, but slowly and slightly.

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