Thursday, March 20, 2008


Okay, so in any big city you are going to have a fair share of bad drivers. This I understand. But bleedin' heck, why do they all have to hit me?

I came this > < close today to getting hit by another one. I have the right of way, heck, it's a two lane (each way), treeless, so it's not like your vision is obscured, road. Bright sunny day. My car is electric blue, damned difficult to miss. And yet somehow....

..good thing the brakes are oversized. But of course, with the current laws of motion and force, all the stuff in my passenger's seat (including my newly acquired and already beloved Yashica-A TLR) goes zipping with much force into the footwell.

Much cursing aside, no damage was done, and the driver did apologize, which was a surprise, but I can't count the number of nice cars I've lost to inattentive drivers.

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