Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Best Birthday Ever

Today was my birthday, and after a rough day at work, I come home to find this as my present. I have the best friends ever!
A 1934 Underwood Model 6 typewriter in (as near as I can tell) full working condition. I've always wanted a vintage manual typewriter, to go with my vintage camera gear. On top of the coolness factor of this, it's dirty, thus allowing me to indulge in my cleaning obsession, so it's like a double birthday present.
And to top it all off, I went out for pizza and tiramisu with my friends P-, S-, C-, R- and R- and a fantastic time was had by all, swapping pet stories, crazy neighbor antics, job nonsense and general laughter and merriment.
I intend to write a short story on the Underwood, and post it here for your enjoyment, typos, jumpy Rs, and all. So in short, Best.Birthday.Ever.
Thank you guys, you're the best!

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