Friday, July 6, 2012


So on the actual 4th of July, a park within walking distance of my home was having a fireworks display and large concert band. I knew the 'works would be going off somewhere around 9pm, and I knew the park would be crowded (it's a very popular place almost year round) so I headed there at 8pm(ish)
Naturally the park is packed, and finding a good spot for the upcoming lightshow was a tad tricky. Finally I spotted an open space, unfortunately next to some filthy Canon users (note: that was humor, I've nothing against Canon, I've had one in the past, but have since seen the light) who were actually quite friendly.
Anyway, the show *finally* started, somewhere closer to 10pm and come to find out, I'm way too close to the launching pad to get effective shots.
Even at 17mm, I needed a wider lens (I *knew* I should have bought my 10-20mm) so most of the shots should be treated as abstract works of art, as opposed to fireworks.

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