Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well not really, when was the last time you saw a flock of wild chickens?
I can picture it now, geared up for battle, camera in hand, stalking in the underbrush for the elusive grey squirrel. Around the tree is heard a noise, slowly coming past the tree you creep, only to find...nothing.
A pause when realization hits that something is behind you. A sound, a simple and quiet "cluck", and you know, it's all over.
Later, when the police arrive, they will take their hats off and shake their heads. "Somebody should do something about those wild chickens, " they'll say, and others will agree, but no one will, they don't want to end up like you.
Yeah, I can't see that happening either....
Nikon, Kodak 400CN film

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