Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I was loading my Nikon N4004 with a new roll of film, when it jammed (it's an autoloader and on occasion, it does this) on first feed.
Normally it's simply a matter of opening up the back and re-seating the film. In this case, I had to advance the feeder a bit, and then close the back.
Once closed, I pressed the shutter button to begin the autoload process, and it snaps off 4 shots. Normally, this would get me to te start of the roll, but in this case, it was +1 and I accidentally took this shot.
I liked the way the accident turned out, so I'm presenting it to you. Typical sepia tone that I get from having c41 process film (the Ilford I love so much) done at the local 1 hour joint, but I'm starting to like the effect.

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