Friday, January 18, 2013

Emilie Autumn

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Emilie Autumn. She came to my town and was kind enough to let me photograph her in concert. I was nervous about it for a few reasons:
(one) It was at the local metal venue, which meant all red lighting.
(two) I didn't know her music.

Let me explain these two issues:
With (one) All red is great (ish) for death metal and long haired wild eyed thrashers, if push comes to shove I could convert to B/W and call it "artistic." But with the lovely Ms. Autumn, B/W will wipe out some of her elaborate outfits,and the red will kill her beauty.
And with (two) I didn't know what kind of stage show I'd be in for. Youtube wasn't giving me much to go on.

So I researched using flash at a concert (a great big no-no) and some other options (all equally out for various reasons) and having no luck, resigned myself to doing the best I can. When I got to the event, I found out the show was going to use their own personal lighting guy, and some of the horrible red filters had been removed. 
I grew hopeful, and when the show started and white lights appeared, I knew I was in for some special pictures. As it turned out, the show was fantastic, and I urge you, my dear readers, if you have any love for concert going at all, to catch her live. Her show is best described as a cross between a Cabaret and Rocky Horror Picture Show. Full of laughter and tears, stage antics and audience participation.
I got so many wonderful shots, that I'm having a hard time chucking any. Regardless, I'm posting some of my favourite ones here for you.

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twig687 said...

I love her! I didn't know you did too. Very jealous that you got to see her, but happy for you too!! <3 <3 <3