Sunday, September 2, 2012

Job Security

So the weather forecast for the weekend started off with Saturday being fine, and the rest of the three day holiday being rainy. I have simply got to have the weatherman's job, it's the only job I know where you can consistently be wrong and still get paid.
Saturday is started out raining, and today it's nice. Go figure.
In any event, Saturday I went to the local zoo. It's a private operation so it's not as large as the National zoo, but then again it's a lot closer and less crowded.
Since it was overcast, I had to push my Nikon D2x again, often up to 3200 ISO, but most of the time I was shooting in the 400-800 range. As expected, the Nikon did great.
The images are in no particular order, just as I've gotten to them.
Most, if not all the animals have been rescues from other places, so they are somewhat of a "scratch and dent" collection. Enjoy!

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