Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This is an eyelash viper (Bothriechis schlegelii) that I took for a project for my son. This image was taken with what is widely regarded as the worst modern autofocus lens ever made, the Tamron 70-300mm 'macro'.
This is my only autofocus macro lens, it's not true macro per se, but given the venomous nature of my subject, I didn't want to break out my manual focus macro lens and get real close. In fact I shot this image from about 4 feet away, whereas the manual macro I'd be about 4 inches away, well within striking range.
The Tamron lens was given to me free (I almost junked it) and is apparently the only one they ever made which didn't suffer from chromatic abberation or horrendous softness. Hey, a pretty sharp image for a free lens.
Anyway, this eyelash viper is a baby, only about 6" (at most) in length and was kind enough to suffer through flash photography without moving so much as a muscle. Special thanks go to the owners for graciously allowing me to photograph him (or her, I didn't ask)

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to inform you that a blog on tumblr has posted up this piece, as well as the images of many other photographers, without giving you proper attribution and you may want to contact the website staff/blog owner or file a DMCA take down notice to have the image removed if you do not want it posted without proper accreditation.