Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Photography is like a box of chocolates-

-when dealing with a 1-hour developing store.
My state got a bit of snow over the weekend and I got a chance to get out and capture some of it after the skies had cleared.

This is an old pump house, dating back to the Civil War times, and although no longer in use, it's still in pretty good shape. Perfect for b/w film work, which of course is done with my weapon of choice the Nikon f4s, loaded with Kodak BW400CN film. As I've mentioned before, the film is C41, so it can be processed by a colour lab, even though it's technically Black and White film. However, it picks up colour artifacts during the developing so typically you get a nice sepia tone to the results and it's very flattering for portrait work.

This time around, however the images were too heavily tilted towards the red spectrum, giving them a weird near-infrared/HDR look. I've toned it down a bit, but not completely removed it (the sky looks cooler with a little red in it) and of course presenting them here for your approval.

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