Thursday, July 16, 2009


Just a bit of whimsey on my part. I belong to a photography forum where a new topic is posted weekly. It's supposed to encourage us to go out and shoot something we don't normally do and this week's topic was "candy."
To be perfectly honest I've been busy this week and really hadn't had the chance to do something, so I combined two of my favourite things (chocolate and monsters) into a quick photograph.
I don't normally put a title on my work, but in this case I think it should be "AvP 3: The fight for GuyLian"
Dialogue could go something like this: Predator "Grrclckhss snrgllr, tckhtck!" (translation: "Stay away from the human sweet, foul beast!")
Alien "Hssssssssssss" (translation: "Hssssssssssss")
I think it'll be a blockbuster of a movie. Hey, can't be any worse than the last AvP flick.

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