Monday, April 20, 2009


Okay, this image is more art than photography. If you couldn't tell, I have photoshopped the original image, taken with my FED-3 Russian rangefinder camera, and turned it into a painting.
I had gone to an 'Earth Day' event at a local community college, and they had hundreds of little white tents where people sold their wares, and companies showed off their 'Green' technology.
The FED-3 has a prime lens, and I haven't really got a handle on how best to utilize it. The lens gives images that are razor sharp, but the camera is finicky, leading to extra time spent composing and prep work, thus losing the shot.
I'm thinking stationary people are this camera's party piece, but I need more work to be certain.
In any case, the image, while nice, just looked better converted in PhotoShop, so I posted it here.

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