Saturday, February 14, 2009


Did a little bit of indoor photography today. Actually started out doing this wiht my Pentax, then moved on to the Nikon because it was such a nice day, but here I was using an old manual focus dedicated Macro. The wonderful thing about Pentax cameras is, as long as the lens mount is a "k", then they will work on a Pentax camera. Doesn't matter if it's from 1970, or 2009. 30 years of no exceptions compatibility is just one reason I love Pentax. In any case, a dedicated Macro lens will give you unparalleled sharpness.
If anyone cares, the pistol is a Russian Makarov in 9x18mm format, and the ammo is Hornady XTP custom hollwpoints. Fantastically accurate weapon, and of all the pistols I have owned, it's outshot them all.

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