Saturday, February 14, 2009


Merriam-Webster defines a Heretic as "one who dissents from an accepted belief or doctrine" and of course Heresy is " an opinion, doctrine, or practice contrary to the truth or to generally accepted beliefs or standards."

Today, I am a Heretic. For those that follow this journal, you know my absolute devotion to Pentax cameras (the old Samsung I had was a Pentax in all but name, and the Yashicas are medium format, and thus in a different realm) and my steadfast belief that they make some of the finest cameras ever created.
Well the other day a friend gave me an old Nikon N4004 film SLR. Pretty well mint in box (sans box) and I thought I might one day run some Black and White film through it and see what it can do. The lens, also donated by a friend, is a 35-70mm f/2.8, not bad for free.
So today was as good a day as any to see what it could do. Mind you, I was wandering around the neighborhood, snapping away at things that looked interesting, rather than actually taking proper photographs. I had no idea if the camera would function properly, or if the lens was any good.

I bought some Ilford XP2 super 400 black and white c41 film. C41 specifically so the local 1-hour joint could process it. Aside from the images coming out sepia, which I'm certain was a mistake on the developer's part, the camera performed flawlessly. I have colour (errr...) corrected the image, but here it is. I suspect this won't be the last time I will be using this old Nikon, and I'm going to have to get comfortable with the Heretic label.

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