Monday, January 5, 2015

More Macro Work

Okay, so I goofed. I meant to bring my camera to work this morning, and with all the other stuff I had to bring, I forgot. But rather than skipping out, I shot one more Macro event for your viewing pleasure. The following image is intentionally overexposed. Continuing with the single light setup I cranked up the power to 100%, set my aperture to 11, ISO to 100, and a custom white balance of 3000k for a light blue tint. Then ensuring the framing is correct, I poured apple juice into the glass, and used a remote trigger to freeze the action with 1/250th of a second for the shutter speed.
The idea is hardly unique, but without a helper, I had to shoot at this angle. What I'd like to do, which requires two people, is angle the glass at about 30 degrees to really get the water splash curve up and over the glass. Then get down on the level of the glass, parallel with the lip, and shoot.
When I get a helper for this shot, I'll give it a swing. Until then, enjoy!

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