Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year and All That

Yeah, no pics right now, prepping for a trip to see some snow. Maybe re-visit the Green Bank Radiotelescope. Been too long since I was there.
I do not know what the new year holds, only that it will be a good one. I can feel that. I hope it is good for all of you, wherever you are.
On a side note, that is sort of related to photography, a reader sent me a link (thank you, whomever you are) that one of my pics, a snake, was being posted elsewhere without my permission. I was initially flattered someone thought enough of my images to nick one, then had second thoughts, then third.
Ultimately however, it boils down to this: I don't make money with my work (not often anyway.) I take pics and post because I want to share a little bit of my world, with you. I want to add a little bit of beauty to the 'net and leave it in a better way than I found it. If someone thinks my work is good enough to re-post, I'm flattered. It'd be nice to give me credits, but it's not a perfect world.
If any of my readership ever want a full sized image of anything I've shot, do feel free to drop me a line and I'll be happy, more than happy, to send it to you.

Finally, some New Year's greetings:
Miss you Lia, hope all is well in your world. One day, in another life perhaps.
Heather: Never give up, never stop fighting for who you are. I got your back.
Lloyd: All my best to your and yours. Wish I could be closer.
L.A.P.: Here's to a better life for the both of us.
Kieron: Take on the world, go far. I know you can.

All my best to all of you.

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