Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Present

An awesome gift from a totally awesome girlfriend.
The camera is the gift, the 10 Trillion dollar Zimbabwe note I already had. It's worth, about 0.05$ US. Although officially the Zimbabwe currency was abandoned around 2008. At the height of the (ongoing) economic issues Zimbabwe faces, their inflation was in numbers so high they practically have to invent words for it. 90 Sextillion percent. I read somewhere that if each percent was an atom, the highest inflation Zimbabwe encountered would be equal to one third of all known atoms in the universe. That's still a mindbogglingly staggering number. Sorry, off topic, this is a photography site, not a history or geopolitical journal. 
The Yashica 635 TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) pictured here is one of only a handful of TLRs that were dual format, they could take film of 120 format, and with an adapter (hard to find, but included with mine) standard 35mm format film. There are no more medium format film houses here in town, so I'll be shooting a lot of 35mm through this.
The serial number of the 635 indicted it was made around Christmas of 1960, which I thought was cool, making it almost exactly 53 years old when I got it.

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