Sunday, December 22, 2013

Something I've been meaning to do

I've been wanting to play a musical instrument for decades, and some years ago I bought a number of guitars, thinking I'd find time to learn. Well that never happened and I ended up giving them away to a friend, and selling the more valuable ones.
Fast forward to today, and my life has changed (for the better!) so with more free time, I picked up a bass guitar and signed up for lessons. This is an Ibanez SR500 in solid mahogany good with active pickups. The sound is stunning, deep rumbling to light tones, and I hope I can do it justice.
Firmly attached to the Ibanez is Ollie, a snow corn snake who was a rescue. It's quite difficult to get snakes to pose properly for the shot and I ended up with a dozen or so outtakes.
Gear used: Nikon D2x, Tamron 17-35mm lens, Manfrotto tripod and studio lights set at 45 degrees from each other.

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