Sunday, August 25, 2013

Serious Action

So this weekend I get invited to shoot the AMA Motorcycle race at a nearby track. The weather, which has been rainy all week long, instantly turns nice for Saturday, fluffy white clouds, mid 80s, sunny, perfect day for shooting.
I get an all access media pass, allowing me on the track, off the track, behind the scenes, everywhere. I've got my Nikon d2x, 80-200mm f/2.8 and a big handful of memory cards. At wide open, f/2.8, I've got 1/5000th of a second shutter speed. Perfect for capturing action. I set up at the corners and wait for the roar of the two stroke bikes. Despite the week's worth of rain, the track was dry and dusty, as you can see here.
At 100+ mph (I overheard 125 on the straights) it's very difficult to get shots in focus. Of the 1000 shots I took, 25 percent I missed the focus on. But of the shots where I nailed it, they came out great.
Here are some shots for your approval.

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