Sunday, August 12, 2012

Classic Boat

The marina was full of very expensive boats. Although the word "expensive" is redundant when it comes to boats. As I once heard, the word "boat" is an acronym for "Bust Out Another Thousand". As much as ownership of a boat appeals to me, I've seen firsthand how expensive it can be to actually own one for long periods of time, so I think I will pass for now, and stick to admiring them through the lens.
The marina was fairly high above the decks of the boats, so I went prone, ensured my camera was securely strapped to my wrist, and lowered my arm down close to the water, and shot blind.
This is one of my all time favourite shots (along with Of Fog and War, taken on Emerald Isle in March of 2011) I've taken of water related images, the wooden hull contrasting beautifully in black and white.

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