Monday, October 10, 2011

Working with constraints

The following (or next, depending on how you read this journal) series of pictures are all taken with color film. Normally I don't shoot film in colour, only in Black and White. The reason for this change is I got a chance to go photograph Green Bank RadioTelescope in earnest.

Trick is, only film cameras are allowed, digital SLRs generate too much noise and interfere with their research. I'd shot at Green Bank before, but really didn't go prepared. This time around, however, I was ready with four rolls of Fujifilm, tripod, and a desire to walk around the area from sunup until I was all out of film.

The kind people at Green Bank let me walk around as I saw fit, and shoot what I saw. I am posting everything I thought turned out well, with a little commentary for each.

What's this got to do with the picture to the left? Nothing at all, but I didn't use up all my film at Green Bank, so I did a bit of shooting elsewhere. In this case, a National Wildlife Refuge whose name I cannot pronounce.

All images shot with my Nikon f4s and 17-35mm lens.

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