Monday, April 26, 2010


I like photographing reptiles because for the most part, they will sit perfectly still while you compose your shot. For hours.
For those that wish to know, this is a Ghost phase Royal Python (aka Python regius), a lightly coloured morph of the standard Royal Python.
This is the first photoshoot I've done where I used my D1x exclusively. It exceeded my expectations. My fuji is currently up for sale.


Cute little guy isn't he? Did a photoshoot for a petshop and this guy (rose hair tarantula) sat still for me.
Several images combined to bring out his (her? dunno) full colour.
Click on the pic for larger!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yours Truly

So I go to a local park for a model photoshoot, but only one model shows up. We've got ~20 photographers there and this one poor girl, so in order to give her a break, I volunteered to be in front of the lens.
So here you go, yours truly. Not technically my shot, but it was from my camera with my settings on it, so it's close enough.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One of these things is not like the other

From an older roll of film, and from the cemetery I've been shooting. Not entirely certain what this is, Indian Burial Totem would be my guess, but I've been known to be completely off before.
So, any audience members want to enlighten me?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Okay, so not a total loss

Okay, I like the colours on this, a lot better than the throwaway shot I had expected in Black and White.
Don't care for the grain though, colour shots should be smooth and (for me anyway) B/W shots should have the grain for th emotion it can convey.
Ah well, not too bad for a mistake

A boy and his Tank

Or more like a boy denied his Tank. Okay, so the roll wasn't a total loss, this one turned out well in spite of the colour film (I'm going on the assumption it was some kind of Kodak 400 speed film, judging from the grain and the colour rendition)
Although this pic was taken well out of town, it turned out well enough that I'm not angry that I have to re-shoot most of it. I'd be ticked if I was in Spain or somewhere like that, but it's mostly Cemetery shots which are easily re-done.


Notice anything different about this image? Anything?
Yeah, it's in colour, except I don't shoot colour film. Somehow or another I ended up with a roll of colour film I thought was my usual Kodak CN400BW film.
Normally, when I'm shooting film, I'm approaching subjects in terms of contrast and shades of grey. I didn't realize the roll in my Nikon F4s was colour so most of the shots didn't turn out the way I wanted them to, but this one...I think was an improvement, so here it is for your approval.


More from the same place. There were three statues hoisting a sail, couldn't get them all in with people in the background (it was lunchtime after all) but that's ok, I'll get them on a sunday when downtown is closed.


Lunchtime stroll through downtown. I found this statue outside of a bank, hoisting a sail. As it was lunchtime it was difficult to compose with no people in the background, so I had to get in close.
The weather is just getting better which pleases me no end, hope to get a lot of shooting done.
D1x and a 20$ thrift-store lens, I'd say I got a deal :)


Ok, ostensibly it's a bunny, tired after laying a big egg, but maybe it's a sheep tired after laying that's not right, heck I don't know what it is, but I'd be tired too laying eggs that size.
Same parade/event.

I have no idea what you're talking about

So here's a picture of a dog with a flower hat.
Easter Parade, Nikon D1x with 70-210mm lens. I bought a D1x as a bash around camera, something I could ding and scratch up and not care if it happened (or take it to situations I'd never bring my Fuji to) but like all things in life, I got attached to this camera, far more than I expected to, so now I'm trying to take care of it, not that I bashed it around to begin with but it's in flawless condition and has the ultra-rare Nikon factory-only-supplied firmware upgrade.
Right, too long, didn't read version:
I like this D1x, and the following shots will be from real-world tests.