Saturday, February 13, 2010


Always a bit of mystery involved in buying a used lens. Like Tom Hanks said, "Used lenses are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get" (well, that's not exactly what he said, but it's close enough.)
In any case, this shot is from a used 24-70mm Tamron. Tamron lenses are all over the map quality/sharpness wise, simply because Tamron doesn't make all their own lenses. They are more than happy to slap their name on someone else's product, quality control be darned. Some Tamron lenses, the 70-300mm to cite a prime example, are pure garbage, chromatic aberrations abound and soft is the order of the day. Some, like this one that I picked up for a song and dance, is nice.
The advent of the Internet allows us to do research on a lens before buying it and save us the headache of buying a bad lens, but if you're like me, I like chocolate assortment sampler packs.
By the way, don't ask me why this head is on the side of a building, I have no idea.

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