Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I've been bouncing back and forth between C41 process films, from Kodak 400CN B/W to Ilford XP2 400. Currently I'm using the Kodak, mainly because it's readily available and I can buy three rolls of Kodak for the price of one roll of Ilford.
In any case, I'm not really a fan of Kodak's products, I feel they make a great deal of junk these days (i've ranted about Kodak elsewhere in this journal) but this film.....isn't bad at all.
As you can see from this cross detail (with the 50mm) even the smallest of details have been captured on the film. Currently I've got a roll of Ilford loaded in my F4s, so I can compare back to back (I intend to re-shoot these images) but barring extremely differing results (in Ilford's favour) I think I will stick with the humble Kodak.

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