Saturday, August 8, 2009


We have a train station that is virtually unused in the city. The history of the building is long, and amusing. In the 60s it flooded, the was rebuilt, then flooded again, then rebuilt, then burned down, then rebuilt, then flooded again, rebuilt, re-used as a mall(?!) which failed, rebuilt again as a train station, just as the trains quit coming to the city.
Anyway, the interior of the place is stunning (for this city anyway) marble walls, soft lighting, solid woodwork, live plants, leather seats, and so on. I was the sole person there today. As I walked in, I saw a cleaning person, but they quickly disappeared. No patrons, no trains, nothing. So it was perfect for picture taking. I plan on going back many times and fully exploring the image possibilities.
Shot with my Fuji S2 Pro and a 17mm lens.

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Patrick said...

Thanks for sharing these shots-I had no idea of the detail currently present at the train station. On a side note I think this series of photos completely captured the feeling of train stations of our past (lol, not the staples mill station)