Monday, March 16, 2009


This image may not look like much, and I will fully admit it was taken during a drab winter day, but if you look at it carefully, you will see the details are pretty sharp, the focus is tight, and the exposure is correct.
Not bad for my Nikon right?
Not from my Nikon though.
Nor from my dSLR
Nor my beloved Yashicas
In point of fact, this image was taken with a 1935 Wirgin Auta. Given the pocket folding camera is nearly 75 years old it's rather impressive it still functions, and gives such sharp images. I look forward to putting colour medium format film through it when spring hits.
Funny thing about the film. It's 120 spec, and in my Yashicas I get 12 images, because the Yashicas have basically a square (6cm x 6cm) exposure frame. The Wirgin is more like 9cm x 6 cm and as such, I only get 8 images per roll of film, forcing me to think more carefully about what I want to capture.

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