Monday, May 19, 2008

Herskerens Fugle

The title is from a graphic novel I read as a child in Denmark. It translates to "The Emperor Birds" and if you look closely at the full image, you'll see images of birds on this wrecked barge.
Or maybe not. I'm not a huge fan of interpretative art, my view being if I can make it, it's not art. In any case, everyone is allowed to step outside their boundaries once in a while. This is my time. There were many floating hulks on the river this weekend, and judging from the looks of them, they'd been there since the dawn of time. I would have loved to get closer, but the boat wasn't mine and I had no desire to bring it back damaged, so my camera was set for maximum extension, 300mm, to capture from a distance. Detail sufferes a bit at that extension, but it is still acceptable.

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