Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bringing Out The Best

Same white flowers, adjusted in post to bring out the browns. I think the spots really add something to the image, in the prior shot of the single flower, you could just make out some pale yellow dots, but here the flowers really stand out.

Isolation or Purity?

White. A symbol of purity, both in body, and spirit. Singular, a sense of isolation, or completion?
Again, not sure what the flower is, but I have a huge clump of them and isolating one was difficult.

Man's Duality

Good. Evil. Light. Darkness. Two sides of the same coin? Perhaps, perhaps not. But overwrought prose aside, here are two of the same (I think) purple flowers. I like how they are slightly facing away from each other, as if they were lovers having a disagreement.

In Full Bloom

Yes, I've been remiss in my photographic duties. Not only have I not done any concert work lately (on account of the main heavy metal venue shutting down) but I've done little else as well. Blame it on job hunting (got a new job, much better place, more money, nicer people, better benefits, etc etc etc) and recovering from a flu.
But excuses are not images and so on this sunny warm weekend, I have re-acquainted myself with my camera (Nikon D2x) a Macro lens (50mm dedicated) and the local flowers in my backyard.

Here is a trinity of....well purple flowers. The amount of knowledge I have on plants would fit inside a thimble, and have room to spare for your thumb. So, it's a purple trinity of flowers.