Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Little Bit of Film

So I go away for a bit (mainly due to terrible weather) and when I do come back with something to post, Blogger changes the back-end and wipes out all my preferences.
Bloody irritating that is.
Nonetheless, I'm gonna give this a try and see how well it works, or if I can turn it back to "classic" mode (I hate that term "classic", I wish I could call it "just works the way I want it to" mode, but that's too cumbersome)
In any case, a sunny day, some Kodak B/W film, a manual camera, and a willing subject. Not muchmore I could ask for.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


There are all kinds of hidden treasures in the city, you just have to find them. This for example, isn't one of them, but it's interesting all the same. It's the leftovers from a hydroelectric plant on the riverside.

I'm most impressed with the graffiti on the inner left side. Not quite sure how they got in there to do that, or why, but it adds a nice touch I think.

This is a film shot, with expired Kodak Gold film. Shot with my F4s

This, On The Other Hand

Is most definately PhotoShopped. The colour has been boosted, and there's a border palced around the pic, and I softened some features. This was done for a woman that I met at the run who's daughter was in the event.

It was overcast, and raining at times at the run, though by this point in time it had stopped the downpour, but the colours still needed to be boosted

And in First Place

I had a full roll (err..compact flash card, you know what I mean) of shots from the 10k run I shot recently.

Biggest problem I had was I didn't bring a long enough lens, having never been to a run before. I didn't know the layout or where I'd be stationed, so I grabbed my most versatile lens, a 28-200mm, and went from there.

This is a picture of the 1st place runner, from Kenya if memory serves me right. It's been cropped, and converted to B/W, otherwise it's as I shot it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


These guys were epic, leapfrogging their way across the finish line. I'm not sure if they ran to near the end and then started, or did that from the beginning, but they had the whole crowd laughing.

Makes me want to go see more runs (and in hopefully better weather too!)

Who Was That Masked Man?

This guy was a riot. Running fairly hard he got right to the finish line, turned around and started dancing to the YMCA, which was playing over the loudspeakers.

Loved it.

Red Man Group

Something I didn't expect to see in a race, was humor. There were a bunch of people dressed in silly costumes scattered throughout the run. It definately made being there more enjoyable and I'll be posting the shots as I get to them.

There were a bunch of primary colourmen, blues, blacks, reds, in singles and in groups, and even a few costumed superheros.

Here is one such fellow.


On Saturday there was a 10 Kilometre run in my city (well, it's not *my* city per se, but I live here) and of course it had to pour down rain.

Didn't stop me from (being miserable, cold and wet) going out there and taking pics of the runners. Unfortunately I traded speed for range and the lens I took wasn't fast enough, so I had to
crank up the ISO, and as a result the images are a tad noisy.

As the rain let up and the sun started to peek through the clouds, things improved, but the earlier shots will have noise reduction software applied.